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offerings to MY DESTINY

date. June 2020

city. New Orleans

installation and performance

offerings to MY DESTINY is an interactive altar and an intentional performance art piece based on the Yorùbá concept of the Orí. Orí is the spirit of Destiny and this multi-layered piece was installed and performed simultaneously while the uprisings and protests of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement took place across the country, including in Ifátùmínínú's hometown of New Orleans.  In her own words, "During the revolution, there are many ways to fight. Everyone has a particular role to play and your role is in alignment with your own destiny.  It is my strong spiritual connection with my own Destiny that has guided me during this revolution including letting me know when my role has changed."  This installation and piece is featured in the show "No justice, no peace. portraits of resistance." at The Front Gallery in New Orleans, LA.  The show is curated by Leslie-Claire Spillman.

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